Time Description Speakers/Presenters Location
9:00am—9:45am Registration and breakfast Davis Atrium
9:45am—9:50am Opening remarks Adam Houser & David LaVergne Davis 101
IUW 2014 Co-Chairs
9:50am—10:00am Welcome Address Ann Bisantz Davis 101
ISE chair
10:00am—11:00am Keynote address: Dr. John Flach Davis 101
What Matters: Escaping the Dichotomy to Explore the Duality of Mind and Matter Wright State university
11:00am—12:00pm Student Presentations
Session 1
Xinhui Zhu
“Postural stress experienced by surgeons: A case study of vaginal surgeons”
Davis 101
Mojdeh Pajoutan
“Obesity effect on central and peripheral fatigue contributions to functional performance of ankle dorsi-flexor muscle”
Wayne Chi Wei Giang
“Interpreting visualizations of historical variability”
Adam Reiner & Maya Whitehead
“Automatic Target Cueing Aids in Combat Identification”
12:00pm—12:50pm Lunch  and Student Posters Student Posters Davis Atrium
1:00pm—2:00pm Keynote address: Dr. Jack Dennerlein Davis 101
Biomechanics and Ergonomics of the Modern Office Northeastern University
2:00pm—3:30pm Student Presentations
Session 2
Dr. Winnie Chen
“Designing feedback to help mitigate risks associated with driver distractions”
Davis 101
Jingyan Wan
“The Effect of Lead Time of Collision Warning Messages on Driver Performance”
Susana Marulanda Villa
“Test-Retest Reliability of the Susceptibility to Driver Distraction Questionnaire (SDDQ)”
Liberty Hoekstra-Atwood
“Attentional differences and driving under distraction”
Adam M. Houser
“Safety not guaranteed: Using formal methods in human factors engineering”
Fiona F. Tran
“Improving operations and maintenance effectiveness using mobile devices in process industries”
3:30pm—4:00pm Coffee Break and Student Posters Student Posters Davis Atrium
4:00pm—5:30pm Student Presentations
Session 3
Natalie C Benda
“Employing User-Centered Design Techniques in Developing Industries: Anecdotes from a Study of Electronic Health Record Vendors”
Davis 101
Paul Bruno Wiele
“Incident Reporting Systems: Usability of Input Interfaces and Resulting Data”
Nicolette McGeorge
“Supporting the Work of ED Clinicians: Assessment of a Novel Emergency Department Information System in a Clinical Simulation Center”
Umair Abdul Rehman
“Evaluating Augmented Reality for Indoor Navigation & Attention Guidance Applications using Cognitive Architectures”
Nasif Addnan
“Sociotechnical Analysis in Mobile Interface Design for Maintenance Departments?”
Sean William Kortschot & Cole Wheeler
“Applying Cognitive Work Analysis to Large Screen Display Design”
5:30pm—6:00pm Closing ceremony and awards Judith Tiferes Davis 101
Student Chapter President
6:30pm—8:30pm Dinner Davis Atrium